The Story of What Drives Us


It is possible for two people to have the same idea at the same time.  Such was the case for Danny Cooper and Russell Frost who both, for years, wanted to do a great, comprehensive weekly show on the future of transportation.  All it took to make it a reality was one phone call and then, a lot of work.

In early 2010 Danny and Russell were discussing it when they both realized what an amazing time we live in.  Significant new developments in transportation are happening, seemingly, every day.  It’s no longer a matter of which major car company was modifying what model as it had been for decades, instead, the market was quickly filling up with new types of vehicles from brand new startups.

Both of them are passionate about their cars but in almost completely different ways.  What this led to was a way of looking at the industry from two different viewpoints that were still informed by a lot of common experience.  Danny started and runs the largest Prius site on the planet, PriusChat.  With more than 125,000 registered members PriusChat represents an enormous collection of knowledge and owner experience.  Russell took a different direction with the Prius Owners Group.  He wasn’t so much interested in building a community as just countering a lot of what he saw as misinformation about the Prius (and other hybrids).  Prius Owners Group regularly posts news and commentary of interest to Prius owners and hybrid car enthusiasts. Now, both Danny and Russell organize and annual gathering for Prius owners, it’s called To Go Before. 2015 will mark the third annual TGB4.

Their goal with What Drives Us is to discuss, educate and, for lack of a better word, evangelize about the new vehicle alternatives that are available.  But make no mistake, this isn’t a fan show.  Details and technical information are scrutinized and dissected, and cars that don’t meet up or don’t deliver what they promise are eviscerated on the show.  Together with a regular panel of experts in the industry as well as guests, they create one of most listenable, humorous and informative shows on advanced technology vehicles all of kinds available anywhere.




© photo credit David Dewhurst, used with permission and appreciation