What Drives Us episode

#409 Elon Take The Wheel

27 Mar , 2021   Video

00:00 Intros
04:00 Meijer & EVgo partnership
06:35: Russell’s experience with FSD
20:10 This Week in Tesla
31:40 Upcoming ICE bans and timetables
43:20 Rivian to fund EV chargers at Colorado State Parks
47:10 Detroit Eyeing the EV Truck Market
58:05 Shout-outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#406 Texas has Gas

4 Mar , 2021   Video

Timeline: 00:00 Intros
05:15 Monster Trucks Suck
13:10 Nimbus 3-wheeler
23:20 Gas Companies Fighting Progressive Initiatives
34:25 This Week in Tesla
42:35 Maybe We Should Have Fewer Cars
52:30 Polestar Opening 14 “Spaces” in the US
56:25 Michelin EV Tires
1:00:25 Shout-outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#405 Battery Arms Race

28 Feb , 2021   Video

00:00 Intros
04:30 Uber still the most crooked company possible
10:55 Hyundai says it will replace the battery packs in ~82,000 EVs globally 20:40 This Week in Tesla
32:45 Mercedes testing new EV truck
36:25 China and Europe are Winning the EV Battery “Arms Race”
49:05 Shout-outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#394 The Rumors Of Russell’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

27 Jan , 2021   Video

2:00 Consumer Report study EVs maintenance
9:10 Hydrogen fuel cell thermal improvements
14:30 Boring Company new Las Vegas station/tunnels
16:15 Starship SN8 test
18:20 TSLA Short sellers have banner 2020 / capital raise
20:00 Taxi company suing Tesla
23:05 Aptera (I also added a reservation to my Cybertruck order, why not‽)
27:20 Start Engine investment/kickstarter site (I wanted to invest /\ in Solectrac but couldn’t as a Canadian)
32:25 Hummer EV prototype
40:20 Uber self driving development SOLD
45:50 Covid and public transit cuts
54:50 A decade of EVs and Shoutouts!

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What Drives Us episode

#392 It’s Parade Season Bitches!

23 Jan , 2021   Video

GM dumps Trump, joins California
Don’t let a moose lick your car
This Week In Tesla
Nissan debuts an electric Titan truck
Wind powered cargo ship could make shipping much cleaner
BMW blows it with a pointless redesign
Boring company Vegas tunnel simulation
Cadillac dealers offered cash to just go die
Rivian sells out launch editions of both new EVs
Mustang meets it’s EPA range goals

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What Drives Us episode

#382 Nikola and GM Sittin’ in a Tree

14 Sep , 2020   Video

Russell buys a used Prius from Paul and explains why he flew 1200 and drove for 17 hours to do it, GM and Nikola decide to make trucks, the Las Vegas CC buys a monorail, Puerto Rico plans out a better future, new ways to make energy and more.

Here’s awesome Google Doc Paul mentioned: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1HflVng6sYIb6Gs4pOKiDGtqU5YJ2-hgdM4pRNaT62gs/htmlview?fbclid=IwAR3Xzeh-U5AVI_bcfcSAqx_PIBAVAoka3CYSkpaLZ1xKs_x2dqy8KU05NZA#

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What Drives Us episode

#373 Body Bags are Extra

2 Jul , 2020   Video

  1. American Airlines has started filling their planes to capacity during a pandemic.
  2. Toyota is severely limiting the supply of the RAV4 Prime for some reason.
  3. California is mandating that all commercial trucks be fully-electric by 2045.
  4. 2-sided solar panels that track the sun can increase energy production up to 30%.
  5. Minnesota is suing ExxonMobile and Koch Brothers for damages caused by their disregard of their own research.
  6. All Americans need to support the “Moving Forward” act.
  7. Hyundai has introduced an all-electric shuttle bus.
  8. Oslo is testing inductive charging for taxis.
  9. Electrify American has completed their first cross-country charging network.

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What Drives Us episode

#362 You Bought It But It’s Not Really Yours.mp4

18 Apr , 2020   Video

On this week’s the panel discuss, electric RVs, what does it mean when you own something but the company that made the product controls it, Ford PHEV truck rumors and more.

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audio only,Special Episode,Special Guest

WDU 1on1 #8 Matthew Klippenstein

6 Mar , 2020   Video

Fuel cell engineer and sustainable energy expert Matthew Klippenstein comes on One on One to discuss the Nikola merger and what it means for Nikola, fuel cell and BEV semi trucks. A little aside on GM’s new announcements but mostly, why a diversified energy sector is a stronger one.

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#352 EVs Everywhere!

7 Feb , 2020   Video

1) Russell teases that he’s been invited to a Toyota AWD event. More details in a future show.

2) Simon Wecker, a guy in Berlin, Germany, pulled 90 cell phones – all with Google Maps active – through empty streets. Why? Because Google interpreted all that data to mean that the streets were congested with 90 cars, all barely moving along. The result was empty streets thanks to Google routing everyone around Wecker and his wagon of phones.

3) Hyundai is doubling their Kona EV production be adding a second factory. This is in response to the Kona’s massive demand, which Hyundai is not able to keep up with.

4) The new US Building Codes will call for new homes in the US to be manufactured “EV Ready”.

5) Rivian and Amazon are designing and building a custom EV Amazon delivery van. It’s kind of cute.

6) We’re relatively excited to see that there are EV trucks coming to market. Americans love their trucks so if we want to win them over we’re going to need electric trucks.

7) Toyota is introducing new technology to safe stupid people from themselves. This new software will detect when someone mashes the accelerator rather than the brake and make sure the car doesn’t surge forward. Because, let’s face it, unexpected acceleration was really human error all along.

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