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#33 A Polar Bear Makes Danny Cry

16 Sep , 2010  

This week; the new Leaf-Polar Bear commercial from Nissan, Nissan Leaf ultra-fast charger, AngelCar’s mobile EV charging service, Lexus CT200h, automotive X-Prize winners and much more.

Show notes:

Nissan polar bear ad, greenwashing or just another excuse to make danny cry?……
RELATED: Salon and rush limbaugh team up to see who can be the biggest asshole…

Nissan says sure you can charge your Leaf faster, if you buy the SL model and this $700 charger…

Not sure if this is a good idea or not, mobile EV charging

2011 Lexus ct200h…

Study says LNG and hybrid cars pollute less than gas cars…

Whack-A-Mole with an old story that won’t die…

Automotive x-prize winners…

Non-story of the week, GM engineer likes the Volt…

Toyota to release more hybrids in the next two years…


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#32 What Was Fisker Selling?

9 Sep , 2010  

This week Danny and Russell are joined by Tony Schaefer and Jason Holder. The group take apart the new Fisker Karma commercial and wonder why the Karma itself actually is, discuss Plug-In America’s Paul Scott take a job at Santa Monica Nissan to sell Leafs, Volt transparency, the new liquid cooled Lion battery for the Ford Focus EV, a HUGE rebate on the Tesla Roadster in Japan and two eerily similar Toyota hybrids NOT meant for the US. At least for now.

Show notes:


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#31 We Remember Matthew Dieckmann

1 Sep , 2010  

This week Danny and Russell are joined by a full panel of Tony Schaefer, Linda Weidemann and Jason Holder. This week the group takes on the Inifiniti M35 hybrid, the Toyota Etios and it’s potentially interesting future, Honda launches the Jazz/Fit hybrid (but only in Japan), SB535 and the new EPA rating system.

We want to dedicate this show to the memory of Matthew Dieckmann who was killed this week while riding one of his electric bikes. Dieckmann was an entrepreneur and builder in Santa Rosa, California who worked hard to promote EV motorcycles. Our condolences to his family, friends and his co-workers at Electric Race Bikes.


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#18 Pitch Perfect

29 May , 2010  

Hosts Danny Cooper and Russell Frost are joined by Tony Scheafer and Linda Weidemann to discuss the Toyota Tesla partnership and they dissect Motor Trend published purported leaked images of the “Prius Alpha”.
Hosts: Russell Frost and Danny Cooper

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#16 Introducing Linda Weidemann

14 May , 2010  

This week Danny and Russell and joined by new panelist Linda Weideman. Linda is one of the organizers of Green Drive Expo, moderates the Prius Yahoo group and is on the Prius Experts panel for Toyota. We discuss the newly announced Range Rover hybrid and plug-in, the Fiat 500 conversion, beat up (just a little) on the Honda CRZ and much more.

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#15 Special Guests: Doug and Erica from the Prius Team

5 May , 2010  

This week is a very special multi-part episode recorded in Torrance, CA.  Hosts Danny Cooper and Russell Frost are joined by Tony Schaefer and Evan Fusco as well as Doug Coleman and Erica Gartsbeyn of Toyota and Rick Johnson who participates on the Prius Expert Panel (along with Danny, Russell, Tony and Evan).  They all get to drive the prototype Prius plug-in hybrid and discuss their thoughts on the vehicle and much more.  It’s a big episode so don’t be afraid to dig in start listening.

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