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#72 Expo Madness

26 Jul , 2011  

PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded immediately before Green Drive Expo but is going public after Green Drive Expo in Madison has concluded. If you missed Madison, please consider checking out Green Drive Expo California in September. Learn more at

Show notes

Danny and russell discuss PlugIn2011 with the panel
-iMiev, Volt and Leaf drives
-lots of people making plugs
-any future insights
-Leaf price increase (… )

Linda talks about Green Drive Expo


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#69 Hey Justin!

22 Jun , 2011  

We welcome Justin Wages to the panel and discuss the week’s news.

How about just, “A guy who doesn’t think the future will be powered by burning fossil fuels”?

Today, the world is a slightly better place because of our brothers and sisters in Portland (thanks to Patrick Connor)


audio only,What Drives Us episode

#67 587MPG with special guest, Trevor Fleck

13 Jun , 2011  

Trevor was a guest on WDU #56, he was a senior on the Mater Dei supermileage team. Trevor has now graduated and is headed to Purdue, ironically, the team that beat Mater Dei in the recent MPG challenge.


Prius C gets spied

Tata Indica has stoners in the UK salivating, car reviewers, not so much…

Fuel cell stunt is, well, a stunt…

Korean company pulls out (and all that implies)…

Now burning two different fossil fuels, SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!…

Fisker stumbles the week AFTER asking for another $100M…

Cool solar tunnel…

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#62 FUD

8 May , 2011  

Wheego, well, not so much, more Wheeedon’tgo…
And Chelsea says…



audio only,What Drives Us episode

#59 It’s Not What You Think

8 Apr , 2011  

Open Discussion:
Speaking of the sustainable mobility conference, the conference keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Topel made a point, and forgive me for summarizing it, that “efficiency” doesn’t save fuel or lower emissions, only economic factors, primarily price, affect these things. Are we wasting our time with fuel efficient vehicles when in fact, we should taxing the shit out of inefficient ones?

How to save fuel in your Prius and to some extent, in any car…

Batteries are recyclable and recycled, a lot…


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