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Special LIVE Episode – Faraday Future Live Reveal at CES

4 Jan , 2017   Video

Dr. Evan Fusco, Tony Schaefer, Mark Coughlan and Russell Frost get taken for a ride waiting for the reveal of the FF91, Faraday Future’s “first production” vehicle. Spend two hours with us being disgusted at how silly this presentation and more importantly, how clueless this vehicle is. We paid the price sitting through this so you wouldn’t have to. Watch us suffer and learn what folly really looks like, during this special What Drives Us live episode.

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audio and video,Featured,Special Episode,Special Guest,What Drives Us episode

#188 Special Guest: Ben Rich, Long Distance Electric Motorcyclist

8 Jun , 2016   Video

This week Tony, Mark and Russell spend the entire show talking with Ben Rich. Ben rides his electric Zero Motorcycle all over North America and is just about to set out on a new voyage around the US. We discuss his techniques for long distance electric motorcycle travel and ev bikes in general.

Visit Ben on Facebook.

You can find Ben on Twitter, @Benswing and on Instragram, @BenSwing.

We also want to shout out to Hollywood Electrics and Zero Motorcycles.

Thanks to Ben and to Mark Coughlan for inviting him.

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audio and video,Special Episode

Special LIVE What Drives Us – Tesla Model 3 debut

1 Apr , 2016   Video

What a night! In a very special live, almost two hours long What Drives Us episode, Danny Cooper, Russell Frost, Tony Schaefer, Evan Fusco, Mark Coughlan and Chelsea Sexton witness and explain the Tesla Model 3 debut as it unfolded on 3/31/16.

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audio and video,What Drives Us episode

#174 Nevada Hates The Sun

18 Feb , 2016   Video

This week we speculate how the Nevada legislature can so stupid, visit the Chicago Auto Show *and* the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto and much more. Patrick Connor, Mark Coughlan, Paul Guzyk, Tony Schaefer and Russell Frost dive deep into world of crazy lawmakers and cars.

And funny enough, as I was posting this show this morning, this tweet from actor, Mark Ruffalo showed up…Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 7.56.19 AM

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audio and video,What Drives Us episode

#169 Ice Sculptures at NAIAS

14 Jan , 2016   Video

This week we dedicate the entire show to a discussion about the Detroit Auto Show, more formally known as the North American International Auto Show or NAIAS. Detroit is the big one and that’s why we were very happy when one of our own, Mark Coughlan, could attend and give us a view from inside the first press day.


We talk about the Chevy Bolt, Tesla, the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan, and much more. Join us for a solid hour of new cars, concept cars, things that make sense and things that don’t.

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