What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #2

10 Aug , 2020   Video

Infrastructure Week, part 1: Kitty Adams

Our first guest for Infrastructure week is Kitty Adams, She is the Executive Director and Founder of AdoptACharger.org. Ms. Adams has facilitated the installation of hundreds of EV chargers in 10 states, and has participated in a number of CEC and CARB workshops regarding alternative fuel vehicles and EV charging infrastructure. She was successfully awarded CEC grant funding to install EV charging at the California State Parks, and most recently a GFO as part of a team to design a micro grid in a disadvantaged community. She has presented at the Electric Power Research Institute Symposium, and has consulted on EV charging projects and policies nationwide.

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #1

3 Aug , 2020   Video

Guest: John Voelcker

Chelsea, Russell and special guest John Voelcker talk about influencers, how do we get more people interested in EVs and much more. So much more.

Welcome to the Treehouse! We also want to hear your suggestions for topics, questions we can answer and guest we should have on the show. Put them in the comments and we’ll take it from there!

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What Drives Us episode

#377 Tonka Toy Van Down By The River

30 Jul , 2020   Video

00:00 Intros

07:40 Hybrid Fleets Would Reduce Emissions Now

15:55 Electric Brands Introduces Module EV Bus

22:00 Tesla Willing to License Software and Technology

26:00 Hyundai Ramps up EV Production Plans

37:40 The Real Cost of “Public” Parking

43:15 Community Solar for Those Who Can’t Solar

49: 30 Fossil Fuel Companies Funding the Police

1:01:15 Shout-outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#376 Highly Automated Tunnel of Love

23 Jul , 2020   Video

00:00 Start the Show!

06:15 Using Artificial Intelligence to Boost Mass Transit

13:05 15 States Join California to Electrify Heavy Vehicles

18:30 Boring Company Las Vegas Terminal Renderings 

36:10 German High Court Disallows Tesla’s Use of Term “AutoPilot”

45:20 Ford Creates 1,400hp Mach-e Monster

54:10 EV-related Stocks are Hot Right Now

1:01:05 Shout-outs and Go Home!

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What Drives Us episode

#375 Gouged In The iX3

18 Jul , 2020   Video

00:00 Intros

02:40 Nissan Announces the Ariya EV and Abandons CHADeMo

17:00 Dealers Mark up RAV4 Prime up to $10,000

25:30 SCE Spending $350M on Infrastructure

29:30 New BMW iX3 EV

46:00 Polestar 2 Review: It’s Nice!

52:55 VW’s Top Software Guy is Out

57:50 Shout outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#374 The Fast and the Dead

11 Jul , 2020   Video

00:00 Intros 04:10 Ford Mach-e Battery Reporting

12:45 Dodge Hellcat SUV

17:50 Pandemic Brings Fewer Crashes but More Fatalities

25:25 Suzuki Across PHEV is the RAV4 Prime

31:10 Moving Forward Act moves to the Senate

38:00 Solar-Powered Level-2 Charging Station

42:45 Muni Cutting Bus Routes

55:55 Let’s Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#373 Body Bags are Extra

2 Jul , 2020   Video

  1. American Airlines has started filling their planes to capacity during a pandemic.
  2. Toyota is severely limiting the supply of the RAV4 Prime for some reason.
  3. California is mandating that all commercial trucks be fully-electric by 2045.
  4. 2-sided solar panels that track the sun can increase energy production up to 30%.
  5. Minnesota is suing ExxonMobile and Koch Brothers for damages caused by their disregard of their own research.
  6. All Americans need to support the “Moving Forward” act.
  7. Hyundai has introduced an all-electric shuttle bus.
  8. Oslo is testing inductive charging for taxis.
  9. Electrify American has completed their first cross-country charging network.

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What Drives Us episode

#372 Burrito Powered Segway

27 Jun , 2020   Video

  1. Even with the pandemic – or perhaps because of it – aviation is getting rid of their dirtiest planes and looking to green tech to save fuel and money.
  2. GreyP showcases really cool – but expensive – e-Bikes. If you don’t have the cash for a GreyP, RadBikes has more mainstream – and affordable – options. Also, Segway is ending their 2-wheel personal transport platform.
  3. 3-wheel tuk tuks typically use very dirty 2-stroke diesel engines. A company wants to replace them all with an EV version.
  4. Thinking of converting an ICE vehicle to an EV? Paul weighs in on just how expensive and difficult that process will be. And there’s lots that can go wrong.

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What Drives Us episode

#371 You Don’t Need To Be A Dick To Rule The World

18 Jun , 2020   Video

This week:

00:00 Introductions

03:45 Best and Worst EV Battery Performance

18:53 Tesla Cancels Solar Roof Orders

41:48 “Transportation Fairness Alliance” is actually an anti-EV shill

48:00 Internal Emails indicate Carlos Ghosn was Set up and Forced Out

57:00 Rumble Motors moving Production to California

1:03:30 Shout-outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#370 AutoStupid

11 Jun , 2020   Video

  1. As though Sequester in Place wasn’t harming locally owned business enough, riots across the globe have indiscriminately crippled or fully shuttered small businesses. Please support your local businesses.
  2. A study (with a very small sample size using self-reporting) found that drivers with autonomous features tend to be less attentive and perform actions unrelated to driving.
  3. The Ford Escape Plug-in is expected to get 37 miles per charge before the ICE kicks in. It is expected to have a base MSRP of $5,000USD lower than the RAV4 Prime but, due to its smaller battery, will not qualify for higher incentived.
  4. Hyundai has reached a point where they are making great strides in market share for their EVs. Could this be their tipping point? Will we see even more Hyundai/Kia EVs and perhaps even a Genesis EV?
  5. Even with the drop in carbon emissions as a result of Sequester in Place, all major car manufacturers are expected to miss the Paris Agreement targets for emissions. As the targets and deadlines slip by, maintaining a habitable environment gets harder and harder.

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