audio only,What Drives Us episode

#30 Introducing Jason Holder

25 Aug , 2010  

Danny Cooper takes a week off and we welcome new guest panelist, Jason Holder to talk about his experience with the Honda Civic Hybrid (2nd generation) and the Honda CR-Z. Jason speaks in depth about the firmware update, Honda performance and his driving impressions of the CR-Z. Regular panelists Linda Weidemann and Tony Schaefer join in to discuss news of the week including Volt MPG, Leaf production number rumors, dead flowers, reveal the mysteries behind plasmacluster and much more.

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#29 Your Last Honda

21 Aug , 2010  

This week Danny and Russell are joined by Linda Weidemann and Tony Schaefer to discuss the Prius tenth anniversary Prius celebrations, Syracuse gets 6 Prius PHVs, Prius making an appearance in Gran Turismo 5, Chevy dealers charging over list on the Volt, the Honda Civic hybrid firmware scandal and much more.

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#28 Omni-impotence

13 Aug , 2010  

This week Danny, Russell, Linda and Tony take on a number of issues including, some bad comparisons between the Leaf and the Volt (which are not the same), a possible Buick hybrid, Honda recalling half a million bad ignition switches and hybrid car sales in July (with lots of comparisons to previous year’s sales).

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#25 Together Alone Again, Naturally

21 Jul , 2010  

This week hosts Russell Frost and Danny Cooper go it alone with the regular panel taking a well deserved day off. In what turns out to be an all EV episode Danny & Russell discuss new electric bikes, new Nissan EVs, the Nissan Leaf battery warranty survey debacle, the RAV4 EV lives again through Tesla partnership, Honda relents and says they’ll make a plug-in and an EV, Google signs a 20 year contract for windpower and an Aptera spin-off company announces another potential vehicle that makes no sense.

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#21 Are You Calling From…

25 Jun , 2010  

Hosts Danny Cooper and Russell Frost are joined by Tony Schaefer and Linda Weidemann as and take on a wide range of topics. Look for news about Tesla (IPO and new vehicles), the Hyundai Veloster, the Honda CR-Z and much more.

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