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#59 It’s Not What You Think

8 Apr , 2011  

Open Discussion:
Speaking of the sustainable mobility conference, the conference keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Topel made a point, and forgive me for summarizing it, that “efficiency” doesn’t save fuel or lower emissions, only economic factors, primarily price, affect these things. Are we wasting our time with fuel efficient vehicles when in fact, we should taxing the shit out of inefficient ones?

How to save fuel in your Prius and to some extent, in any car…

Batteries are recyclable and recycled, a lot…


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#54 Chelsea Sexton and the Volt Redux

2 Mar , 2011  

Chelsea Sexton talks about her six weeks with the Chevy Volt

GM’s strategy for fighting “stealth killer car syndrome”? Make the damn thing so loud you need active noise cancellation to drive it…

Drumroll please, Fisker to start making the $95K Karma on March 21st, will be making 15K Karmas annually by 2012 (That’s $1,425,000,000 annually, by the way)…


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#51 Don’t Post That Photo

9 Feb , 2011  

Danny Cooper, Russell Frost and Jason Holder discuss a ton of news this week. See the show notes below details and links. Watch the enhanced version of the show for the images and links as well.

Show Notes:

Photo of the week…

Great commercial, bad idea, facebook voice integration in the new chevy cruze…

Battery “myths” maybe not so mythic, maybe so…


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#45 Volt Experience and 2010, the year in the review

15 Dec , 2010  

Hosts: Danny Cooper & Russell Frost

Panelists: Tony Schaefer, Linda Weidemann, Jason Holder

Special Guest: Chelsea Sexton

A very special epsiode this week. During the first half of the show Chelsea Sexton talks about her experiences with a prototype Chevy Volt. During the second half the entire panel go over their favorite news stories of 2010.

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you again in 2011!

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#41 Dynamic Duo

12 Nov , 2010  

This week, Russell, Danny, Linda and Jason discuss dumb surveys, the Fiat 500 we might never see, single distance guessestimes, the “world’s safest” Prius and much more. See our show notes for a complete listing and links.

Show notes:
Respondents offer no surprises in what might be the dumbest survey ever…

Tesla losing money but still on track with the Model S

Semi-mythical Chrysler still years away from getting anything but news stories…

Single distance estimates are misleading


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