What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #1

3 Aug , 2020   Video

Guest: John Voelcker

Chelsea, Russell and special guest John Voelcker talk about influencers, how do we get more people interested in EVs and much more. So much more.

Welcome to the Treehouse! We also want to hear your suggestions for topics, questions we can answer and guest we should have on the show. Put them in the comments and we’ll take it from there!

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One on One #1 – We Welcome Our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Robot Masters

20 Jan , 2017   Video

Debuting a brand new show, One On One, where two people wrestle over a recent issue for an in-depth discussion. Today, Danny Cooper and Russell Frost talk about the real future of hydrogen, Toyota, Fuel Cell vehicles and also a little on factory automation and the future of jobs making things.

We cite these links during today’s One On One:

Toyota part of consortium spending 10.7B Euros on hydrogen

Another take on the press release above

Toyota chairman says hydrogen needs more time

Turns out, the rumors of hydrogen’s death may have been premature

Toyota claims to have an EV on the market by 2020

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#SE1 Special Episode #1 2010 Green Drive Expo Madison Interviews

5 Aug , 2010  

Recorded July 17-18, 2010 conducted by Tony Schaefer

This special episode leaves Danny out but includes interviews done by WDU panelist Tony Schaefer with people in the green car industry. It’s long and a big download but it’s packed full of great information from the people who are moving green transportation forward.

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#1 our very first episode

20 Jan , 2010  

This is what we looked like way back then (January 20, 2010). It’s weird to listen to this now and hear the same show we’re doing today because we’re so much more comfortable with the whole process now but, this will always be our “first”. So even though there are lots of bobbles and a few stumbles, we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Topics covered include: More…

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