What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #6

7 Sep , 2020   Video

An amazing conversation with Michael Dunne of ZoZoGo.com. He’s an expert on China so we dig deep on what’s going on there and how our companies are doing in China as well as the future of Chinese car companies there and here. A fascinating look at a complex market with a genuine expert.

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #5

31 Aug , 2020   Video

Guest: John Voelcker

John returns.

We spend an hour with one of our favorite journos, John Voelcker and discuss GM’s recent EV day, charging, the Chevy Volt and much more. John’s article mentioned on the show: https://www.thedrive.com/tech/32580/why-gm-has-to-prove-its-serious-about-electric-vehicles-this-time

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What Drives Us episode

#381 with special guest Rich Benoit (aka Rich Rebuilds)

27 Aug , 2020   Video

Rich Benoit of Rich Rebuilds spend more than two hours talking about how he got started, his passions, his relationship with Tesla and YouTube commenters and his projects. Do not miss this episode!

What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #4

24 Aug , 2020   Video

Infrastructure Week, part 3: Matthew Teske

Infrastructure Week continues with Matthew Teske of Chargeway. Chargeway’s goal is to demystify the complex and various methods of charging for new EV owners. Matthew explains how this is important and why we need it to grow EV ownership.

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What Drives Us episode

#380 In 2025, I Promise

22 Aug , 2020   Video

00:00 Intros

04:13 – Hybrids, Plug-ins, and EVs

25:15 – Xos Raises $20 Million to Scale Production 

32:30 – This Week in Tesla

37:05 – Toyota Solid-State Batteries

43:15 – Tritium Fast Charger

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #3

17 Aug , 2020   Video

Infrastructure Week, part 2: David Patterson

As infrastructure continues, this episode features a great conversation with David Patterson who was deeply involved in the Mitsubishi I-Miev program, worked with Nissan and Chademo. A long time advocate for electric charging clears up a lot of the confusion surrounding charging systems and what each has to offer.

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What Drives Us episode

# 379 Isn’t it Ionic?

14 Aug , 2020   Video

00:00 Intros

06:00 A Little Self-Promotion

11:15 Hyundai Launches Ionic Brand of EVs

20:55 The Politics of Saving the Environment

29:40 This Week in Tesla

36:15 California Court Rules Uber and Lyft Must Call Drivers “Employees”

50:45 GM’s SuperCruise is a Subscription Service

1:05:20 Shout-outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #2

10 Aug , 2020   Video

Infrastructure Week, part 1: Kitty Adams

Our first guest for Infrastructure week is Kitty Adams, She is the Executive Director and Founder of AdoptACharger.org. Ms. Adams has facilitated the installation of hundreds of EV chargers in 10 states, and has participated in a number of CEC and CARB workshops regarding alternative fuel vehicles and EV charging infrastructure. She was successfully awarded CEC grant funding to install EV charging at the California State Parks, and most recently a GFO as part of a team to design a micro grid in a disadvantaged community. She has presented at the Electric Power Research Institute Symposium, and has consulted on EV charging projects and policies nationwide.

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What Drives Us episode


7 Aug , 2020   Video

00:00 Intros

05:30 – Rivian to Ship R1T and R1S in 2021

17:20 – Upcycling Old Tires to Improve our Roads

23:00 – This Week in Tesla

34:10 – Boring Company Connecting LA and Vegas?

43:20 – Ready.Set.Van has New Tesla-Powered Van

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #1

3 Aug , 2020   Video

Guest: John Voelcker

Chelsea, Russell and special guest John Voelcker talk about influencers, how do we get more people interested in EVs and much more. So much more.

Welcome to the Treehouse! We also want to hear your suggestions for topics, questions we can answer and guest we should have on the show. Put them in the comments and we’ll take it from there!

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