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#54 Chelsea Sexton and the Volt Redux

2 Mar , 2011  

Chelsea Sexton talks about her six weeks with the Chevy Volt

GM’s strategy for fighting “stealth killer car syndrome”? Make the damn thing so loud you need active noise cancellation to drive it…

Drumroll please, Fisker to start making the $95K Karma on March 21st, will be making 15K Karmas annually by 2012 (That’s $1,425,000,000 annually, by the way)…


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#53 Not Quite Ready For Prime Time – Our First Live Show

23 Feb , 2011  

Our first ever live show. Excuse the mess. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it. Going forward, you can listen to our unedited live stream on Wednesday evenings beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern at

Big thanks to special guest Von Rogers of Express Way Chrysler in Evansville, Indiana for coming on and talking about Chrysler’s offerings.

Show Notes:

BMW makes the futurecar commitment and launches “i”, Apple lawyers sharpen their pencils and creative people around the world go, “whathaf*ck, is the best they could do?”…

Volvo leapfrogs toyota with V60 or not?…


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#52 Inside the Nissan Leaf with David Laur

19 Feb , 2011  

We talk about the Leaf with owner Dave Laur and then run through the weekly news. Complete show notes below.

Show notes:

Bad name, cool concept, awesome specs, most likely link bait…

Honda to unveil Fit EV in Geneva because doing something like this in the US would send the wrong message…


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#51 Don’t Post That Photo

9 Feb , 2011  

Danny Cooper, Russell Frost and Jason Holder discuss a ton of news this week. See the show notes below details and links. Watch the enhanced version of the show for the images and links as well.

Show Notes:

Photo of the week…

Great commercial, bad idea, facebook voice integration in the new chevy cruze…

Battery “myths” maybe not so mythic, maybe so…


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#49 Special Guest: Inventor, Anthony Reale

5 Feb , 2011  

An amazing show. The first half of show stars inventor, Anthony Reale, the man who created the Strait Power device.

The remainder of the show is dedicated to covering this week’s news.

Bloom energy’s subscription plan…


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#50 Special Guest: Toyota’s Doug Coleman

5 Feb , 2011  

We spend an hour talking to Toyota Motor Sales USA’s Doug Coleman, who is the Prius Product manager. Doug has seen the Prius through almost it’s entire history with Toyota and has many fascinating insights in Prius’ history as well some awesome sneak peeks into the future of the Prius family.

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#48 Wherein We Revisit A Year Of Humiliations You’ve Never Heard Before

20 Jan , 2011  

It’s the First Anniversary of What Drives Us, we’re having a party and you are invited. Listen to a live recording (that means we don’t edit it) of our first anniversary celebration where we go back and listen to clips from shows that never made it air. Yes, you get to see the ugly underbelly of the What Drives Us machine and possibly learn all too much about your favorite hosts and panelists.

WARNING: As a live recording this show contains explicit language which is NSFW or for young children or for sensitive people who are offended by the classic angle monosyllables. Please do not play this at the office or while picking up the children from school, ok? OK!

Hosts: Danny Cooper & Russell Frost

Panelists: Tony Schaefer, Dr. Evan Fusco, Linda Weidemann and Jason Holder

HUGE THANK YOU to Michael Manring for everything. Now go buy something from or see him live.

EVEN HUGER THANK YOU to you, our listeners. Seriously, we do this show because we love to and we’re very glad some of you enjoy it as well. Each and every one of you rock.

Show Notes:

This is show is live commentary and clips from previous shows that were never aired. You figure out which is which, that’s part of the fun.

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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#47 Dressed For It

12 Jan , 2011  

Ford has a big week, figures out they can scoop NAIAS by releasing news at CES the week before.
And Mulally rams the point home on how cool CES is (and he’s dead on right)…
3 million SYNC systems installed in Fords…

Who was recently talking about mounting iPads in dashes? Maybe it was…US…


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#46 An Historic And Proud Day For All Orange Americans

5 Jan , 2011  

Danny and Russell are joined by Linda Weidemann and Jason Holder. This week they discuss SUVs, quick chargers for EVs, Fisker Karma and Tesla Model S pricing, something called the Wheego, a funny looking electric bike, Toyota’s Entune system and make some NAIAS predictions.


SUVs lead US auto sales…

EV quick chargers…

The Karma gets marked up to $95k and Tesla assures everyone the Model S will stay at $57K, Which is the path to success?…


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audio only,What Drives Us episode

#45 Volt Experience and 2010, the year in the review

15 Dec , 2010  

Hosts: Danny Cooper & Russell Frost

Panelists: Tony Schaefer, Linda Weidemann, Jason Holder

Special Guest: Chelsea Sexton

A very special epsiode this week. During the first half of the show Chelsea Sexton talks about her experiences with a prototype Chevy Volt. During the second half the entire panel go over their favorite news stories of 2010.

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you again in 2011!

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