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#400 20 Times Twenty

8 Feb , 2021   Video

00:00 Show Start
01:30 Michael Manring
09:15 Teslaquilla
14:20 Intros
24:00 It’s Been 400 Shows!
35:05 An Apple Car?
55:10 This Week in Tesla (and GM?)
1:07:20 Will Tesla Wreckognize E-Mode
1:13:25 Biden’s Transportation Stimulus Package
1:20:23 Shout-outs and Go Home

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audio only,Special Episode,Special Guest

WDU 1on1 #8 Matthew Klippenstein

6 Mar , 2020   Video

Fuel cell engineer and sustainable energy expert Matthew Klippenstein comes on One on One to discuss the Nikola merger and what it means for Nikola, fuel cell and BEV semi trucks. A little aside on GM’s new announcements but mostly, why a diversified energy sector is a stronger one.

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audio only,Special Guest,What Drives Us episode

#354 Ed Neidermeyer, Tesla, and Autonomy

20 Feb , 2020   Video

1) Special Guest Edward Neidermeyer joins the panel to discuss his recent appearance on Bloomberg TV regarding Tesla. We also discuss autonomy (of course, in relation to Tesla).

2) Mark gives his report on attending the Toronto Auto Show.

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audio only,Special Episode,Special Guest,What Drives Us episode

#340 Aptera CEO, Chris Anthony

10 Nov , 2019   Video

Chris Anthony of Aptera joins us for the full hour. Chris was part of Aptera generation 1, left the company, and is back to get generation 2 off the ground.

It’s not a stretch to say that even though we really want all EV manufacturers to succeed, we’ve been skeptical of Aptera. Chris is a real trooper to come on the show and answer our questions. He really knows his stuff and presents a strong case for seriously checking out Aptera. In the 10 years since the first iteration, there have been a lot of improvements and inventions that provide opportunities not previously available.

Listen for yourself and decide whether you would be interested in an Aptera.

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#222 Hacking The Tesla Fan

15 Mar , 2017   Video

A very special episode with three fantastic guests. We started out digging into how fans and enthusiasts affect cars and car companies and went everywhere along the way. Special guests, Alex Roy, Edward Niedermeyer and Matthew Teske.

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audio and video,Featured,Features,Special Episode,Special Guest,What Drives Us episode

#203 Special Guest Edward Niedermeyer – Talking Tesla

3 Nov , 2016   Video

Daily Kanban co-founder and noted car author, Edward Niedermeyer joins us for a spirited hour of discussion on Tesla. In addition to the regular panel you see every week, our friend, Chelsea Sexton graces us with a visit to add her voice. Do not miss this show.

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#202 8640 Miles w/ Ben Rich

27 Oct , 2016   Video

Electric motorcyclist, Ben Rich joins us to follow up on his earlier visit detailing his plan to drive around the US. The trip totaled 8,640 miles and Ben is now the first person on an electric motorcycle to make that trip. We spend the hour talking about his experiences and how he did it.

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audio and video,Featured,Special Episode,Special Guest,What Drives Us episode

#188 Special Guest: Ben Rich, Long Distance Electric Motorcyclist

8 Jun , 2016   Video

This week Tony, Mark and Russell spend the entire show talking with Ben Rich. Ben rides his electric Zero Motorcycle all over North America and is just about to set out on a new voyage around the US. We discuss his techniques for long distance electric motorcycle travel and ev bikes in general.

Visit Ben on Facebook.

You can find Ben on Twitter, @Benswing and on Instragram, @BenSwing.

We also want to shout out to Hollywood Electrics and Zero Motorcycles.

Thanks to Ben and to Mark Coughlan for inviting him.

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