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#147 Special Episode with Ryan Tabrah of Intel

8 Jul , 2015   Video

Patrick Connor, Paul Guzyk and Russell Frost spend the entire talking to Intel’s Senior Product Manager, Transportation Solutions, Ryan Tabrah. It’s an incredible show with lots of great talk about the future of cars from infotainment systems to autonomous driving.

Here’s Ryan’s page at Intel. You can follow Ryan on Twitter, @red_stapler.



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#136 Surmounting Taxes

15 Apr , 2015   Video

In celebration of tax week, Danny Cooper, Russell Frost, Evan Fusco, Patrick Connor and Paul Guzyk discuss…

Unicorns not being deployed fast enough in Japan

Battery swap scooter proposed

So are you a supporter of clean cars or of clean transportation? And if so, does spending money on cars versus trains make sense? While much of this op-ed makes little sense, there is a point here worth discussing.

Let’s talk about the SparkEV

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#122 Make Us Squeal

8 Jul , 2013  

We discuss the very first To Go Before event, SmartKey, Prius sales, purchase incentives for alt-fuel vehicles that are regionally based and much more.

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#120 One Way

11 May , 2013  

Paul talks about Colorado and tax credits for alt-cars.
Russell talks about traffic patterns and how they affect efficiency and quality of life.
Jon B talks about vehicles names (and numbers).
Tony talks about Maximum Bob’s latest venture, converting Fisker Karmas with V-8 Cadillac motors.

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#119 Less Is More

6 May , 2013  

This week Danny Cooper, Russell Frost, Tony Schaefer and Linda Weidemann discuss driving less and more.

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#118 Cat On A Roomba

5 May , 2013  

This week Danny Cooper returns and joins Russell Frost, Linda Weidemann, Tony Schaefer and Jon B for the discussion.

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#117 Free Market?

11 Apr , 2013  

This week, Linda Weidemann, Tony Schaefer and Russell Frost discuss the Tesla press conference and legislative activity in Texas, Fisker getting sued and why alt car people tend to cluster into specific groups.

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