Behind The Scenes – Credits and Acknowledgments

Behind the scenes

Most weeks the show records on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 P.M. Eastern and you can view the show live, while we are recording or, watch or listen through various means all of which are listed here.

Theme Music: “Fire Sermon” from Michael Manring’s album, “Book of Flame” available from CDBaby and iTunesVisit Michael Manring’s site at Theme music is used with the kind permission of Mr. Manring.

We think you should buy all his music because he a genius.   Russell uses Heil Microphones because they’re the best.  Check them out at  

What Drives Us used to be recorded on a Marantz Professional PMD-661.  If you do any audio recording, you need this.  Learn more here. Now we record direct to hard drive using Rogue Amoeba‘s audio software. Rogue Amoeba makes the best audio software there in our opinion. but we still use the PMD-661 for field recording and interviews.  

We are supported, in part, by The Prius Chat Shop. If you own a Prius, the Prius Chat Shop is the place we recommend you shop.  

Another big supporter of the show is the absolute best place in the mid-Atlantic area to find cool eyeglass frames, the one and only: European Eyeware. Russell gets all his frames there.