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#86 An Alternator With A Belt

20 Nov , 2011  

Special Guest, Mike Dabrowski

The magic number. Apparently, EV’s just cost 40 large.
Coda announces “final” 2012 pricing, drops MSRP by five grand to $39K……
Wider topic, is there enough variation in EV pricing?
Mitsubishi i $29-$31K
Nissan Leaf $35-$37K
Ford Focus EV $39K
Coda sedan $39K
Tesla Model S $57-$77K
Mini E (lease only) currently $600 per month for one year
Smart ED (currently lease only but will go on sale for an unannounced price in 2012) $599 per month for 48 months (almost $28K but you have to give it back)
Fiat 500 EV *SHOULD* be selling for about $45K if and when they decide to sell them

Sort of related…
Rolls makes a one-off, sorry, “prototype” EV. Do we care?…

I’m Burning, I’m Burning, I’m Burning For You
Finally on EV’s…EV’s, great cars or just a bonfire waiting to happen. We look at the coverage.
Because gasoline is *soooooo* safe……

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