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#52 Inside the Nissan Leaf with David Laur

19 Feb , 2011  

We talk about the Leaf with owner Dave Laur and then run through the weekly news. Complete show notes below.

Show notes:

Bad name, cool concept, awesome specs, most likely link bait…

Honda to unveil Fit EV in Geneva because doing something like this in the US would send the wrong message…

Prius+, no you can’t have one, unless you’re outside of the US

Is Toyota paying mommybloggers $10 amazon gift cards to write nice stories?…
Toyota’s second mistake, making Jalopnik their “official” response!5762479/why-were-mommy-bloggers-paid-for-positive-stories-on-toyota

republican governors don’t need mass transit
new jersey……
“Any notion that somehow rail is subsidized, and other modes of transportation aren’t, is simply not factual,” said Mr. Smith, the president Reconnecting America, a nonprofit transportation advocacy group, who noted that highways and airports were subsidized as well. “Honestly, transportation infrastructure should not be a partisan issue. When you talk about good transportation solutions, they cross party lines.”

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