What Drives Us episode

#372 Burrito Powered Segway

27 Jun , 2020   Video

  1. Even with the pandemic – or perhaps because of it – aviation is getting rid of their dirtiest planes and looking to green tech to save fuel and money.
  2. GreyP showcases really cool – but expensive – e-Bikes. If you don’t have the cash for a GreyP, RadBikes has more mainstream – and affordable – options. Also, Segway is ending their 2-wheel personal transport platform.
  3. 3-wheel tuk tuks typically use very dirty 2-stroke diesel engines. A company wants to replace them all with an EV version.
  4. Thinking of converting an ICE vehicle to an EV? Paul weighs in on just how expensive and difficult that process will be. And there’s lots that can go wrong.

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