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#183 It’s OK, The Monkey’s Driving

5 May , 2016   Video

This week our panel take on:

You Say Autonomous Cars Will Encourage More People to have sex in cars Like that’s a bad thing

Volvo pisses on Tesla’s autopilot functionality

H/T Cooper: RAV4 Hybrid has made the Prius V irrelevant and redundant…already

Salient numbers:

RAV4 Hybrid sales for April 2016-3,807.  YTD 2015-8,741 2016-4,970

Prius v sales for April 2015-1,322 and for April 2015-2,462

More numbers

Bye bye Prius v

Mark Coughlan talks about how Awesome the new 2G Chevy Volt is (and how awesome In-N-Out is).

The Chevy Jolt may be a dumb name but it’s a great idea, even if it is bogus

Japan has more charging spots than gas stations?

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