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#138 Interviewing the Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle Team

30 Apr , 2015   Video

A very special regular episode. We spend the entire show talking to Toyota’s Mirai team. Doug Coleman and Logan Grizzel, about the fuel cell vehicle and issues surrounding it. Danny and Russell are joined by Tony Schaefer, Patrick Connor, Evan Fusco and Chelsea Sexton.

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2 Responses

  1. PatSparks says:

    Electrification? Hydrogen? I guess it’s expensive but can we have both? A hybrid of battery electric with hydrogen fuel cell. remove the ICE from a petrol electric hybrid, install fuel cell and replace the petrol tank with hydrogen cylinder.
    I’m a believer in evolution rather than revolution. Petrol is currently the norm, > hybrid such as Prius > plug in hybrid electric like Outlander PHEV > maybe hydrogen electric PHEV > all electric.
    This to me is a logical evolution. Not impossible and Tesla have jumped to the end already.
    This needs to be integrated with improved public transport networks to reduce the use of private vehicles. Public transport is a real win – win, it reduces congestion on the road, reduces the need for road investment and removes the need for additional parking in cities. The roads here get clogged up when buses are taken off the road due to driver strikes which we haven’t had for a long time. Electric trains and trams cut out the storage of electricity.
    Pat Sparks

  2. Handi.Tech says:

    I prefer to this new one, from mercedes: New Fuel Cell and Other Features in Mercedes-Benz GLC

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