What Drives Us episode

#126 We’re back, baby

4 Feb , 2015   Video

We’re back and potentially better than ever. Hosts Danny Cooper & Russell Frost reunite with panelists Chelsea Sexton, Patrick Connor, Evan Fusco,and Tony Schaefer to discuss:

  • Detroit Auto Show
  • The Chevrolet Volt & Bolt (not to be confused with the Dodge Colt)
  • Alt-Fuel Sales Numbers
  • Charging standards
  • Tesla marketing (and lack thereof)

And somehow we fit the words Apple, Tesla, Model S, Model X, AND Model 3 into the show. We’ll call it listen-bait. Enjoy.

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  1. DaveinOlyWA says:

    sorry way late to this discussion since I did the EV Development Conf at Seatac yesterday but the ideology of “MPGe” could not be logically explained in a 10 part HBO series much less a 60 second commercial.

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