What Drives Us episode

#386 We Do Not Condone Shocking Wildlife

15 Oct , 2020   Video

00:00 Show Start

03:50 Turning Interstates into Solar Farms

13:55 Municipal Microgrids

22:45 This Week in Tesla

28:55 Rivian Releasing R1T and R1S Early 2021

36:00 Can the US be a Green Hydrogen Powerhouse?

44:05 Rivian Delivers 1st Amazon Delivery Van

51:00 Shout Outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

WDU Special: “Happy 20th Birthday, Prius”

10 Oct , 2020   Video

We spent almost two hours talking about the history and impact of Prius on the world. Current and former members of the Prius Team from Toyota join us for the first hour. It’s a great look back at one of the biggest impacts in cleaner vehicles. We’re all current and previous Prius owners and Prius enthusiasts. But when asking about previous decisions and future plans, that doesn’t mean we went easy on them.

Supercar article referenced by Tony: https://whatdrives.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/SuperCar.pdf

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What Drives Us episode

#385 Tail Gating on the Moon

2 Oct , 2020   Video

This week, we talk about the ongoing Nikola saga, solid state batteries in Mercedes buses, This Week in Tesla with new catchy theme music, Plastic eating enzymes, a cheap EV in China, and Toyota’s Lunar Cruiser.

00:00 Show Start 05:15 New Allegations with Nikola Motors

13:00 Mercedes Introduces Solid State Battery Buses

20:05 This Week in Tesla

28:55 Plastic Eating Enzymes

40:30 A $5,000 EV in China 49:25 Toyota’s Mars Rover

54:10 Shout Outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #7

28 Sep , 2020   Video

Dean Taylor has over three decades in the electric transportation area with a focus on regulatory and legislative affairs, external engagement and business and strategy development. After retiring from Southern California Edison he’s become an independent consultant for many EV organizations.

Newsom’s Executive Order: https://www.gov.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/9.23.20-EO-N-79-20-Climate.pdf

Dean’s LCFS webinar presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eRrZAqaOHk&feature=youtu.be&t=1040

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What Drives Us episode

#384 It’s All Downhill From Here

25 Sep , 2020   Video

00:00 Show Start

06:10 Nikola investigated for Fraud

18:00 Cadillac Forces Dealers to Install Chargers

27:45 This Life in Tesla

40:40 California to End ICE New Car Sales

50:35 Ford Announces EV F-150

56:00 Lordstown Shows Interior

1:00:45 VW Reveals ID.4

1:11:50 – Shout Outs and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#383 A Big Weight And A Long Shaft

19 Sep , 2020   Video

00:00 Show Start

03:58 Heavy Weights and Gravity as Energy Storage

13:30 The $10,000 USD Kandi EV

20:55 Guy Gets Rightfully Scammed

25:10 This Week in Tesla

32:35 Uber Lyft going all-EV?

39:00 The Gig Economy Basically Sucks

49:10 Shoutouts and Go Home

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What Drives Us episode

#382 Nikola and GM Sittin’ in a Tree

14 Sep , 2020   Video

Russell buys a used Prius from Paul and explains why he flew 1200 and drove for 17 hours to do it, GM and Nikola decide to make trucks, the Las Vegas CC buys a monorail, Puerto Rico plans out a better future, new ways to make energy and more.

Here’s awesome Google Doc Paul mentioned: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1HflVng6sYIb6Gs4pOKiDGtqU5YJ2-hgdM4pRNaT62gs/htmlview?fbclid=IwAR3Xzeh-U5AVI_bcfcSAqx_PIBAVAoka3CYSkpaLZ1xKs_x2dqy8KU05NZA#

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #6

7 Sep , 2020   Video

An amazing conversation with Michael Dunne of ZoZoGo.com. He’s an expert on China so we dig deep on what’s going on there and how our companies are doing in China as well as the future of Chinese car companies there and here. A fascinating look at a complex market with a genuine expert.

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What Drives Us episode

Transport Treehouse #5

31 Aug , 2020   Video

Guest: John Voelcker

John returns.

We spend an hour with one of our favorite journos, John Voelcker and discuss GM’s recent EV day, charging, the Chevy Volt and much more. John’s article mentioned on the show: https://www.thedrive.com/tech/32580/why-gm-has-to-prove-its-serious-about-electric-vehicles-this-time

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What Drives Us episode

#381 with special guest Rich Benoit (aka Rich Rebuilds)

27 Aug , 2020   Video

Rich Benoit of Rich Rebuilds spend more than two hours talking about how he got started, his passions, his relationship with Tesla and YouTube commenters and his projects. Do not miss this episode!