Episode 36

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What Drives Us Episode #36 recorded October 6, 2010

Danny Cooper makes a triumphal, post baby return to What Drives Us this week and in turn almost stays awake for the entire show. Panelists Tony Schaefer and Jason Holder add their usual insightful and entertaining commentary on a number of subjects including a survey of current and future hybrids, two-wheeled EVs, Fisker getting ahead of itself and much, much more.

Host: Russell Frost, Danny Cooper

Panelists: Tony Schaefer, Jason Holder

Episode #: 36

Time: 30:23

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This week's show notes:

Cheers to the White House for (finally) doing the right thing and bringing back solar

White House MAY BE trying set CAFE standards as high as 62MPG but, wait for it, in 2025, no idea what 2112 CAFE standards will be (other than having a cool soundtrack by Rush)

Fisker sorta announces six new cars

Spanish company announces cool new roadster

iPads in cars? BMW says yes
Maybe not the best implementation of that idea

Electric scooters, but where are they already?

Hybrids to come, a survey of what everyone is planning

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